Lucas from Allure Management

São Paulo, Brasil

Bernardo from Allure Management

São Paulo, Brasil.


Daira from Allure Management

São paulo, Brasil. 

Cristian from IMM

Well, another shoot and of course more funny pics. This time shooting with this super cool guy. Cristian from Independent Models who works as a mode/dancer. It seems like models/dancers are my weakness. 


Shooting with Logan

Haven't made a post here since 2014 and this year is almost gone! This is my first post of 2015. Lol! But I just wanted to share this goofy pics I did with Logan from Volt Models at the end of his test shoot. 

What can I say, my camera loved Logan.... 

He's got a new look. Bald & bold.

So finally we shoot today and after the real shoot, we did this funny pics.

Valeria R.

At the end of the test shoot with Vale Rees. <3

Ronald A.

Shooting with Ronald.